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Professional Certificate of Competency in Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Date and Time :  Apr 8, 2021   10:30PM
Time Zone : Azores Standard Time
Duration : 30 minutes
Datacenter Region : Europe (London, United Kingdom)

Course Overview

This professional development course is designed for engineers and technicians who need an understanding of machine learning and its basic techniques.

Course Details

Machine learning is a field of computer science that programs computers with the ability to learn from data and make informed, adaptive dynamic predictions and decisions using algorithms. It is related to computational statistics, mathematical optimization, and Artificial Intelligence (A.I.).

The last decade has witnessed exciting developments in machine learning that led to impressive consumer applications such as virtual assistants and speech recognition. This remarkable development results from increasingly powerful computers and the proliferation of smart objects’ data.

Machine learning will probably revolutionize every industry. Some applications already exist, but many are to come, especially with the advent of the Internet of Things (IoT) and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Autonomous vehicles, predictive maintenance, fault diagnosis, smart alarm processing, and advanced process control are few domains where machine learning could be applied in the industry.

Over 12 weeks, this course will aim to introduce you to the basic techniques used in machine learning. You will learn how techniques such as neural networks or decision trees can solve real-world problems. You will learn how to use MATLAB and WEKA software tools to apply machine learning in practice.