ICT - Basics of Computer System

Basics of Computer System

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This lesson contains courses’ lessons held at the Free University of Bolzano Bozen. It contains only the first

part of the courses, namely the lessons on:

 computer introduction,

 Microsoft Windows,

 computer networks,

 computer dangers and security.

It does not contain the parts on Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, financial functions, Microsoft Access,

computer algorithms, SPSS, Visual Basic for Applications, which are very well covered by the respective

courses’ suggested books.

This lesson is designed for very novice computer users. It often contains oversimplifications of reality and

every technical detail is purposely omitted. Expert users will find this book useless and, for certain aspects,

partially wrong.

This lesson supposes that the learner is using Microsoft Windows 7 operating system in English language.

However, most of the lesson is perfectly readable with other Windows versions, while some menus and

instructions can be rather different if the language is not English (Windows language may be changed on

multi‐language installations: see page 7 for further information).

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